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Fine dining, alfresco or a-la-carte, Middlebrook caters to all tastes and requirements with exceptional service and quality from our award-winning chefs. The architecture, landscape, atmosphere, food and our superb wines all come together in a delightful celebration of the senses.

Middlebrook Restaurant

Middlebrook, the main restaurant, is located in the front of the complex, with a long, covered verandah framing the peaceful views. Fine dining in modern Australian style is prepared using fresh, local produce. The locally sourced produce embraces the EatLocal SA philosophy and practice, emphasizing regional, local, fresh and seasonal ingredients and products. More info on EatLocal SA can be found here:


More info on EatLocal SA can be found on their website

Cortile a-la-carte

The Cortile gallery restaurant is located at the rear of the bar / tasting area. Beautifully framed by the courtyard gardens and the artworks within, it offers a relaxed atmosphere with style and elegance to complement the a-la-carte menu.