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McLaren Vale ( MIDDLEBROOK )

The Middlebrook Estate property comprises of 15 acres of vineyard on the estate and the newly developed Highcrest Vineyard at Kangarilla have been planted with premium varieties and will increase the unique individual vineyard selection for Middlebrook Estate.

The Middlebrook Vineyard property was first established in 1840 by Sir John Frank and was later sold to Thomas Hardy in 1880 and was renamed “ Glen Hardy “. Today the extensive vineyard estate has been subdivided, sold and vineyards de commissioned. The remaining Middlebrook title has the beautiful Winery and a 2 acres parcel of the Old Dry Grown Grenache from yester year. We planted the vacant land in 2000 the premium Cabernet Sauvignon from the original Reynell Clone. The inspirational Vineyard is planted round our icon Rotunda in a circular formation and produces low yielding Cabernet Sauvignon, for this reason we decided to showcase the splendour of our winery vineyard in a single block wine. This wine is only produced in the exceptional years.

Kangarilla ( HIGHCREST )

Our newly planted Kangarilla vineyard on Glory Road we honourably named Highcrest as a tribute to one of the famous exported wines from Australia proudly produced at Middlebrook during the 1960’s. Highcrest is a 24 acre vineyard planted to Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Franc, Shiraz and our historic Italian Variety Barbera. Barbera is a Northern Italian variety that goes back to our heritage, The Cogno Family at our Cobbitty Vineyard was one of the first to plant this variety in Australia in the early 1960’s. The Highcrest Vineyard is set high on the Kangarilla crest adorning south to our beautiful coastline and abundant sunshine, the temperature is cooler than our neighbouring McLaren Vale vineyard and the ripening period is slower and longer due to the cool climate. The soil is deep alluvial sand with black and quartz combinations over clay, certain area of the vineyard are brown loam over shale which most of the crests of Kangarilla are formed by.

Our average yield each vintage at Highcrest is less than 2 tonne per acre hence producing rich flavour, fruit driven wines. As a result Highcrest is a much more moderate climate which develops characteristics well-suited to European varieties.